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Aquatic Nuisance Species

  • Inspect - Clean - Dry your gear and keep the waters clean. Boots, nets, waders, and gear that get wet can carry an Invasive Species from river to river.

Take a close look at your equipment for any rocks, mud, plants, moss or other materials. Physically remove it.

Thoroughly clean your equipment with water and a brush to remove any attached materials.

Completely dry your equipment in the sun.




The America Cup








A world class tournament open to all teams and nations.

Follow the FIPS Mouche World Fly Fishing Championships

14th FIPS Mouche World Youth Fly Fishing Championship 2015

36th FIPS Mouche World Fly Fishing Championship 2016

Hosted in Vail, Colorado USA

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Promoting competitive, amateur fly fishing at the national and international levels and providing program and monetary support to Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing.

The America Cup International Fly Fishing Tournament

A world class tournament open to all teams and nations


2014 Competition Venues

Dillon Reservoir is an excellent big water loch style venue. Staging will be parking lot near Dillon Marina. Completed in December 1963, Dillon Reservoir is the largest water storage facility in the Denver Water system. Dillon Reservoir's surface area of 3,233 acres and 26.8 miles of shoreline support many recreational activities.
Sylvan Lake State Park is a high alpine mountain loch style venue. Sylvan provides serenity in an alpine park perfect for daydreaming. Non-motorized boating and non-electrical camping offer the opportunity for quiet recreation at this gateway to the White River National Forest and the Holy Cross Wilderness. Sylvan Lake State Park
Colorado River hosted at the Colorado River Ranch is a classic wide open river venue. The Upper Colorado below Gore Canyon meanders through the spectacular Canyon Country offering not only outstanding fishing, but also an unforgettable setting. The only thing that rivals the beauty of these canyons are the trout you will encounter.
Eagle River (Edwards-Wolcott) The Eagle River is an excellent freestone river with prolific hatches. It flows from high above Camp Hale south of Redcliff to its confluence with the Colorado River in Dotsero. It is most famous for the prolific Caddis hatches that come off in the spring and early summer. The Eagle is noted for its excellent dry fly fishing for wild brown and rainbow trout. Thank you to Minturn Anglers for access to this privcate water. The America Cup International Fly Fishing Tournament
Blue River is all about pools and deep holes river venue. It can be fly fished from the Dillon Reservoir dam downstream to Kremmling, although about 90% of the public access is found between Dillon and Green Mountain Reservoirs. Colorado Highway 9 runs parallel to the river. The America Cup International Fly Fishing Tournament

Volunteer at any of these venues. Learn different waters to fish in the area.

Most prestigious fly fishing events in the world coming to Vail!


World Youth Fly Fishing Championship
World Fly Fishing Championship
August 10-16, 2015
September 11-18, 2016

14th FIPS-Mouche

36th FIPS-Mouche

Learn more about CIPS (International Angling Confederation) and their fly fishing arm FIPS-Mouche.

The International Angling Confederation is an Organization of universal nature which has the goal to promote, coordinate and improve all the activities in touch with the fishing on a sporting point of view.

Its sporting, technical, scientific or cultural activities are opened to all regardless of race, social level, politics or religion, according to the principles of the Olympic ideal.

The CIPS work stretches all around the world. It is the only organization which represents the great community of sport fishermen. Currently, 115 National Federations represent 50 million members from the different FIPS belonging to CIPS.

The America Cup, Inc. brings The World Fly Fishing Championships to USA.